Competition days are from Sunday 10th July to Saturday 16th July 2022, with the awards ceremony being held on the last Saturday. Only on competition days can points be won towards cups, however the Saturday before and Sunday after can also be flying days - depending on the weather of course! It is encouraged that any post solo pilots have their site checks before the competition days – this is to ensure that the instructors are available for training. Before each flying day there will be a daily briefing in the club house, any badges claims and requests are asked to be announced at the briefing to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. We will also generate a two-seater and single-seater flying list for those wishing to use club kit.

Part of LSU Societies we are the only club at Loughborough to offer affordable flying. The training is reasonably priced with the chance to become a solo glider pilot in 3-6 months, but that's only the start. Once a solo pilot you can progress your new found aviation skills further and train for aerobatics and cross-country flying. Members with cars offer lifts to the airfield at weekends and as a club we organise expeditions to other airfields throughout the year.

Buckminster Gliding Club at Saltby Airfield is in fact two miles from both Saltby and Buckminster, so check the map if you are visiting! The Gliding Club was founded in 1971 and now operates for seven days a week. Many of the members have privately owned gliders but shared club gliders are also available. The Airfield Saltby airfield had a small grass strip in the first world war. In 1942 a much bigger airfield was opened for use primarily as a transport airfield. There is a war memorial to commemorate the American and Polish paratroopers who flew from RAF Saltby to Normandy and Arnhem in 1944. Flying Today the gliding club is a national centre for gliding aerobatics and also offers microlight flying.